Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions our clients have asked us when booking our trip to IRONMAN Austria.

You should check when buying your ticket as rules do change but recent rules stated that tourist visas for most countries (including nationals from the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK, all European Union nations and most Central and South American nations) are NOT REQUIRED for entry into Austria and you are allowed to stay for up to 90 days

We suggest you arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest if coming from outside of Europe and on Wednesday or Thursday at the very latest if you are traveling from another European country. If you can arrive as early as Monday the week before the race we will have staff there to assist you. There are many things to do before and after the race around Klagenfurt as well as other areas of Austria and Europe.

We do not offer airfares, but we are happy to connect you with a ticket agent we are working with who can assist you with your flight arrangements in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

You can book your ticket into Klagenfurt (KLU) or you can fly into Vienna (VIE) and take the train to Klagenfurt (they depart on a regular basis to Klagenfurt). 

Our package includes the round-trip airport transfer as well as the transfer from the Klagenfurt train station.

No. Our travel package includes all the transportation you need including airport transfers and daily shuttles to the supermarket, race site all race functions and course tour.

In Austria as with the rest of Europe you drive on the right side of the road.

No, you should keep your bike in your room before and after the race while at the hotel. If you are traveling to other areas of Austria or other countries in Europe you can use TriBike Transport or you can ship your bike directly from the hotel back home or to your last hotel in Europe and fly home with it.

Before the race we offer bike rides and swims on the course as well as a van drive over the bike course. We can arrange day trips before and after the race for you to explore areas in and around Klagenfurt. It is easy to explore other areas of Austria and Europe either by train or by renting a car in Klagenfurt.


No problem, we are happy to help. Just fill out the form below, or, if you need immediate assistance, please feel free to call us or use our chat feature.