2023 IRONMAN World Championship Kona

2023 IRONMAN World Championship Kona

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

Accommodations: Yes
Race Entries: No


NEW IN 2023: The IRONMAN World Championship race in Kailua-Kona on Saturday, October 14, 2023 will be a Women’s Only event.  (IRONMAN World Championship Moves to Dual Host Cities for 2023)

If you want to have the best travel experience and get priceless inside knowledge of the race, everyone is dreaming of, don’t think twice: EST owner Ken Glah not just knows what athletes need to have a successful race in Kona, he has done this race himself 36 times in a row – which is a record!

Set in the lava fields that surround Kona, the picturesque backdrop of white sand beaches, crashing waves, vast ocean life, and mist-covered mountains, give this race its mystical allure. Whether you are a professional searching for glory, an age-grouper living the dream, or simply a triathlete with a passion for the sport, let EST plan your perfect trip to Kona.

IRONMAN World Championship Spectator Package
You haven’t qualified for Kona but want to experience the sensation of swimming the crystal-clear waters, riding alongside Mauna Kea, and running out of the energy lab back to the finish line? Then come along with EST, where you will get to know firsthand what race week at the World Championships is like. Be a part of the magic that is the IRONMAN World Championships.

Travel Package Includes

Accommodations along Ali’i Drive

Round Trip Airport Transfers

Daily Breakfast Included

Daily Local Transportation

Professional Bike Mechanics

EST Welcome Package

Transport to All Race Functions

Guided Course Tours

Q & A with Ken Glah During Race Week

2 CO2 Cartridges for Race Day

Organization of Local Day Trips

EST Race Day Hospitality Area

Additional Services

Bike Assemble & Bike Pack

Price: $100
Included in the package is the service of a professional mechanic. The mechanic will tighten everything and make all necessary adjustments to the gears/brakes. If you prefer to just hand your bike case to our mechanic upon arrival, he will unpack and completely assemble your bike. After the race, he will disassemble and pack your bike for your departure.

2023 IRONMAN World Championship Kona ACCOMMODATIONS

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1-Bedroom Condo

We have a variety of 1BR Condos to select from:
+ Located: 1/2mi to 5mi out along Ali'i Drive
+ Duration: 7 & 10 day minimum (you can add nights)

Service Package Price (does NOT include the condo price):
Athlete: $60 per night
Adult non-athlete: $45 per night
Children 6-13 years: $25 per night
Children 1-5 years: FREE

2-Bedroom Condo

We have a variety of 2BR Condos to select from:
+ Located: 1mi to 5mi out along Ali'i Drive
+ Duration: 7 & 10 day minimum (you can add nights)

Service Package Price (does NOT include the condo price):
Athlete: $60 per night
Adult non-athlete: $45 per night
Children 6-13 years: $25 per night
Children 1-5 years: FREE

3-Bedroom Condo

We have a couple of 3BR Condos to select from:
+ Located: 2mi to 5mi out along Ali'i Drive
+ Duration: 7 & 10 day minimum (you can add nights)

Service Package Price (does not include the condo price):
Athlete: $60 per night
Adult non-athlete: $45 per night
Children 6-13 years: $25 per night
Children 1-5 years: FREE

Pricing Details

> All prices are in U.S. Dollars
> All prices include our services
> All prices include taxes

Endurance Sports Travel
Phone: +1 (484) 716-9216
Email: info@gowithest.com

Reservations Details / Trip Policy

+ We require a $500 deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
+ Reservations can be changed up to 60 days prior to race day.
+ We require your final travel details 70-80 days prior to your trip.
+ We require your final payment the latest 60 days prior to your trip.
+ We offer payment plans if you are interested.
+ We offer no refunds after the final payment.

We suggest you get travel insurance that covers your expenses in case the race gets canceled or you can’t travel because of unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our travel package or this trip, see our trip specific FAQ page.

Additional Trip Details

Sample Schedule

Arrive early and each day you will have the option of riding the IMWC Bike Course:
+ Kona > Hapuna Beach: 27 miles
+ Hapuna Beach > Hawi > Hapuna Beach: 50 miles
+ Hapuna Beach > Kona: 27 miles
These supported rides will be available until Tuesday, the week of the race.

Arrive early and you will have the option to test running in the Natural Energy Lab.

Highlights of our typical schedule in Hawaii for our IRONMAN World Championship travel package:

Saturday to Thursday
+ Custom schedule based on clients who arrive early

+ Open Water Swim
+ IMWC Bike Ride Option from Hapuna

+ Open Water Swim
+ IMWC Bike Ride Option from Hapuna

+ Ho’ala Training Swim
+ IMWC Bike Ride Option from Hapuna
+ IMWC Energy Lab Run Option

+ Open Water Swim
+ IMWC Bike Ride Option from Hapuna
+ IMWC Energy Lab Run Option

+ Open Water Swim
+ IMWC Bike Course Ride Option from Hapuna
+ IMWC Energy Lab Run Option
+ Shuttles to Registration

+ Open Water Swim
+ IMWC Q & A with Ken Glah
+ Shuttles to Registration

+ Open Water Swim
+ Underpants Run
+ Shuttles to Registration
+ Shuttles to IMWC Welcome Banquet

+ Open Water Swim
+ Shuttles to Mandatory Bike/Gear Check-In

Saturday (Race Day)
+ Shuttles to Transition
+ Return Shuttles to Condos after Race

+ Day Trip Option
+ Shuttles to IMWC Awards Banquet

Ken's take on this race

I have raced the IRONMAN World Championship the last 36 years in a row, and we have taken groups to Kona since 2005, so we definitely know the race and the Big Island!  The first thing I would recommend is to arrive as early as possible to adjust to the time change, do some training on the course, acclimatize to the heat and humidity, and to enjoy the vibe that surrounds this incredible event.

If you have not been to Kona before or have not explored the island on past trips, I highly recommend spending some time either before or after the race to enjoy some of the incredible things to see and do around the island.

Things to consider when training for the IRONMAN World Championship both at home and when you arrive:

Swim: Kona is one of the few one lap swim courses still on the IRONMAN circuit, is a non-wetsuit swim, and is in very salty, clear and deep water, all of which can be daunting for someone not used to these things.  Fortunately, it is very easy to train on the course before the race in Kona, and I suggest doing so each day.  Make sure you wear a bright swim cap, swim to the right and constantly sight for other swimmers coming toward you.  While at home you should be careful not to overuse a pull buoy or other flotation aids as you will need to get used to swimming without a wetsuit.  You do get a bit of flotation help from the high salt content of the water, so you are more buoyant than in freshwater.  Doing some long swims in a 50-meter pool or in open water (without a wetsuit) will be a big help in getting you ready for the swim in Kona.  As of 2019, the swim has multiple wave starts for the men and women, so it is a lot safer swim now as well as being less crowded on the bike.  If you are not a strong swimmer, I suggest starting at the back of your wave start or out to the far left. Strong swimmers may want to stay a bit left of the buoy line as you will be passing slower swimmers from the waves in front of you.

Bike: If you have made it to Kona, you should know by now how notoriously windy it can be on the bike course.

Wheel selection is important.

While some people do go deep on the front, I like to be conservative and go with a HED 6 as I have twice been blown all the way to the shoulder on the opposite side of the road during the race!

Getting out and training from the Waikoloa area up to Hawi is highly recommended.  If it is really crazy windy while training, be sure to use caution as getting blown out into the traffic or into the lava field is not going to help your race!!   I also suggest not riding on Alii Dr. but if you must, be very careful, do not ride on the aero bars, ride slowly, look for cars coming out of condo driveways and cross streets, stop at all stop signs, ride single file on the shoulder and remember just because you are doing the IRONMAN does not mean you have more rights to the road than people trying to get to work and go about their normal lives.

Do not attempt to ride the out and back section of the bike course on Kuakini Highway.  Riding on the Queen K is the best and safest place to ride since there is a large paved shoulder but use caution, especially between town and the airport.

While training at home, you will want to do as much aero bar riding as possible as even though the course in Kona is rarely flat, it is mostly aero bar riding so you will want to get your back, neck and legs used to being in this position for long periods of time but you also need to do some hill riding.  If you can seek out windy conditions when training, that would also help.

During the race, it all comes down to pacing, nutrition and hydration.  You will want to practice all of these things as much as possible in the months before heading to Kona.  Make sure you have a plan A, B and C for pacing and nutrition.  For hydration, there is only one plan – drink, drink, drink – but make sure you are getting in electrolytes to avoid hyponatremia.

Run:  You will want to do a lot of your runs in the heat.  Most people will not be able to replicate the heat and humidity of Kona in their training at home, but you need to do your best to get out when it is hot and sunny.  Getting used to taking in a lot of fluid and a good amount of calories while running in hot weather is a challenge, but the more you can practice this, the better your day will go in Kona.  For most people, the run in an IRONMAN is all about strength, pacing, calories and hydration.  If you can get to Kona early enough to do some runs in the heat and still have plenty of time to recover, that would be great.  Another suggestion is to not use or be very careful using air conditioning the week of the race.

We take care of all the Travel details so you can Focus on your Race.

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