2022 IRONMAN Brazil

2022 IRONMAN Brazil

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Florianopolis, Brazil

Accommodations: Yes
Race Entries: Yes

The race takes place in beautiful Florianopolis, also known as Floripa or the “Island of Dreams”. It is the capital and second-largest city of the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil. It is a favorite hang-out for dolphins and whales. Brazilians and Argentines love to vacation in Florianopolis, not only for its white-sand beaches but also for its culture, history, food, nightlife, and well-protected diverse ecosystems.

Travel Package Includes


Round Trip Airport Transfers

From Florianopolis Airport

Daily Local Transportation

Daily Breakfast Included

Professional Bike Mechanic

EST Welcome Package

Transport to All Race Functions

Guided Course Tours

EST Host/Hostess to Assist You

2 CO2 Cartridges for Race Day

Organization of Local Day Trips

EST Race Day Hospitality Area

Additional Services

Bike Assemble & Bike Pack

Price: $100
Included in the package is the service of a professional mechanic. The mechanic will tighten everything and make all necessary adjustments to the gears/brakes. If you prefer to just hand your bike case to our mechanic upon arrival, he will unpack and completely assemble your bike. After the race, he will disassemble and pack your bike for your departure.

Race Entry

Price: $800 (including processing fee)


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Campanario Hotel

This hotel has a 4-night minimum


Jurere Beach Village

This hotel has a 4-night minimum

Side View Suite (4 nights)
+ Single - $195 per night
+ Double - $145 per person per night
+ Triple - $130 per person per night
+ Quad - $120 per person per night

Side View Suite (5 nights)
+ Single - $175 per night
+ Double - $130 per person per night
+ Triple - $120 per person per night
+ Quad - $110 per person per night

Side View Suite (6 nights)
+ Single - $165 per night
+ Double - $125 per person per night
+ Triple - $115 per person per night
+ Quad - $105 per person per night

Side View Suite (7 nights or more)
+ Single - $155 per night
+ Double - $120 per person per night
+ Triple - $105 per person per night
+ Quad - $96 per person per night

Children's Rates
+ 0-5 Years Old = FREE
+ 6-12 Years Old = $40 per child per night
+ 13-15 Years Old = $70 per child per night

Hotel Canasvieiras Internacional

This hotel has a 4-night minimum

+ Single - $95 per night
+ Double - $85 per person per night
+ Triple - $75 per person per night
+ Quad - $70 per person per night

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> All prices include our services
> All prices include taxes

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Reservations Details / Trip Policy

+ We require a $500 deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
+ Reservations can be changed up to 60 days prior to race day.
+ We require your final travel details 70-80 days prior to your trip.
+ We require your final payment the latest 60 days prior to your trip.
+ We offer payment plans if you are interested.
+ We offer no refunds after the final payment.

We suggest you get travel insurance that covers your expenses in case the race gets canceled or you can’t travel because of unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our travel package or this trip, see our trip specific FAQ page.

Additional Trip Details

Ken’s take on this race

“When thinking of Brazil, most people envision super-hot weather, but Florianopolis in late May is a bit different. While Floripa is known for its beaches and diverse ecosystems, the island is in cooler, southern part of Brazil, and the weather in May is very stable and near perfect for IRONMAN racing. Morning temperatures are normally around 60 to 65F (16C to 18C), and the normal high temperatures are around 72 to 77F (22 to 25C), with a low chance of rain and light winds being the norm. Sunrise is just before 7:00 am and sunset around 5:30 pm. IRONMAN Brazil is one of the fastest racecourses on the IRONMAN circuit. Make sure you bring clothes for the cooler mornings and evenings, but you will need sunscreen and shorts for during the day.

Depending on how far you are traveling to get to Floripa, I suggest arriving anywhere from the weekend before the race until the Wednesday before to adjust after your trip, enjoy the local area, and prepare for your race. After the event, I suggest staying until Tuesday morning and then doing an after-race trip to the Amazon (an amazing experience and a trip I have done many times), the spectacular Iguassu Falls or Rio de Janeiro, the iconic vibrant beach city most think of when picturing Brazil.

While training for the race, you should take into consideration the following:
Swim: The swim at IRONMAN Brazil is an ocean swim in normally smooth water conditions and has always been a wetsuit legal swim since moving to Florianopolis in 2001. It consists of two separate loops with a beach run of about 75 meters between the two loops that are both swum with the buoys on your left. The swim is now done in multiple wave starts by age group.

Bike: The course is very fast, with most of it spent in the aero position with four short (1 to 1.5km) somewhat steep hills each lap and a few slight hills that can be ridden on the aero bars. So, I suggest doing a lot of riding in the aero position but also so hill repeats of 3 to 5 minutes on a 5 to 8% grade. While there can be some windy sections along the waterfront in the city, if you are comfortable using a disk wheel, you may want to consider one for this course. I still go with a somewhat conservative HED 6 on the front (60mm depth) as there can be some swirling crosswinds at times. The special needs bags are not at the halfway mark (you can get them either at 57km or at 147km ), and you do need to pull to the side and grab the bag yourself, so be aware of this when planning your nutrition for the race. I take the majority of my nutrition in a few bottles that are highly concentrated and then dilute them in a front water bottle with water from the aid stations.

Run: The run is a very flat 10.5km loop done 4 times with a slight uphill and downhill in the middle of each lap that allows you to vary your stride slightly. Given how low in the sky the sun is after 3:00 pm most athletes other than the very fastest competitors will enjoy a run that will range from warm to cool as once the sun sets the temperature is almost always below 70F (21C) and can drop as low as 60F (16C). So, for most, this is a fast IRONMAN run course, but you should definitely do some longer runs on flat courses to get used to running a very consistent stride pattern for most of the run. If you plan to be on the run course much past 7:00 pm you should probably put a long sleeve shirt in your special needs bag. Regarding nutrition, I always recommend bringing your own for the run, so you have exactly what you are used to consuming. You can start with part of what you need and easily pick up more at the special needs station.”

Added Benefits

  • Priority Bike and Gear Check-in Privileges for EST Athletes
  • Priority Packet Pick-up Privileges for EST Athletes
  • Free Course Tour by Van
  • Free Bike Unpack/Assemble and Pack for those staying 5 nights or more
  • One Free Massage per athlete for those staying 5 nights or more


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