With 40 years of triathlon experience, we offer travel services to triathlon events worldwide.

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Endurance Sports Travel has accommodations for you and your guests at the host hotel or hotels nearby included in the package.


No need to rent a car, figure out where to go, or deal with parking. We provide all the local transportation for you and your spectators.


No need to worry when you travel with your bike. We have you covered by bringing our own professional bike mechanic.


Endurance Sports Travel has been providing triathletes from around the world with exceptional travel services since 2002.

Endurance Sports Travel offers travel packages to both the World Championship events as well as many qualifying races. Join us and see why triathletes from around the world rely on us for their triathlon travel needs.

Ken Glah, the owner of Endurance Sports Travel, has been competing in triathlons for almost 40 years
and knows what it takes to travel to a race.

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Endurance Sports Travel is an independent tour operator and is not associated with the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).

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Training for a triathlon race is time consuming enough. Why not let us take care of all your travel related details while you focus on the task at hand.
Endurance Sports Travel takes care of all the travel details for you so all you have to do is train, show up and race.
We know what race week is like, why not let us make it stress-free for you and your guests.
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Why Endurance Sports Travel

Ken with IM Cozumel Clients
With 40 years of triathlon experience, we know exactly what athletes and their families need. EST owner Ken Glah has competed in triathlons since he was 18. He raced professionally for 20 years and still competes as an age grouper. In 2002 he founded Endurance Sports Travel and since then has helped thousands of athletes from around the world with their travel needs.
With our service packages, we cover all your needs. From accommodation, airport and local transfers to course tours and training sessions, we offer it all. We bring our own bike mechanic who is working exclusively for our group, and we take care of your family and friends, while you are preparing for your race or are out racing.
You are not alone. We are there for you from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. You are part of our EST family, together with athletes and spectators from all over the world. And if you get injured or if you have any problem, we take care of you and make sure you will be in the best hands.
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In 2020 we will donate $5 US-Dollar from each of our clients’ payments to Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia. Of course, this is just a small part of the financial support that is needed to help these critically endangered great apes. That is why we encourage you to check out BOSA’s website and have a look at the amazing work this organization supports. Thank you for helping us help them!